The Festival

The International Festival of Literature and Art with Humour, Ja! Bilbao is a cultural event that aims to highlight the importance of humour -understood in the broadest sense of the term-, in the arts in general and especially in literature. The organisers understand and really work to reclaim the role of humour as an expression of intelligence, civilization and the joy of living.

Ja! Bilbao has been held at the beginning of autumn each year since 2010 in different locations in the city of Bilbao. The festival presents a programme of different activities where there is space for both reflection and fun. Conversations and round table discussions about a very wide range of subjects, and interviews with the most interesting and outstanding authors of the time are combined with performances, competitions and exhibitions.

All of the events are free for the public.

Through the BBK Ja! Bilbao Award, the festival pays tribute each year to an international figure, whose work grants humour a starring role. The prize winners up until now have been Tom Sharpe, Francisco Ibáñez, Ismail Kadaré (in an edition on humour against barbarism), Robert Crumb, Julian Barnes, Fernando Trueba, John Cleese, Joyce Carol Oates and Álex de la Iglesia.

Ja! Festival Team



Carolina Ontivero

Production Management

Production, administration and sponsors management

Sonia Fernández

Stage manager and production assistant

Marta Gutiérrez-Solana

Press officer

Graphic Design



David Herranz
Dani de Pablos

Video editing

Jabier Rojo

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