Ja! Bilbao 11th Edition

2nd September – 11th October 2020

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,

of endless and masked tenacity to this epic eleventh edition of the Ja! Festival. As the baffled people who have set up this mess we are quite abnormal, the new normality (a good name for a fascist party or an association of alcoholics who cannot drink) seems less strange than us. And like British Airways, famed for always landing its planes no matter how bad things are, we decided at the time that we would get the festival up and running against all odds: we would put it into practice with the oldest possible normality. And if at the last moment we had to back out owing to force majeure due to confinement or an exodus out of the planet, we would opt for a telepathic solution (much better and more advanced than a telematic one) to resolve it. We remain confident that it will not be necessary.

So, with this spirit of sailing safely through the storm, it seemed that Noah´s Ark (drawn by our friend Asier Sanz) with a light in the deckhouse and strong woodwork, the universal symbol of survival and rebirth, was the right image for the poster this year. We invite you to sets sail with us on this welcoming ship over the coming weeks of programming, whose detailed content you can read in this insert and on our website.

Celebrating humour is always advisable, and more so than ever this year.

Humour and resistance at Ja!

Juan Bas
Festival Director

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