Ja! Bilbao 9th Edition

27th September – 7th October 2018


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ninth edition of the Ja! Bilbao Festival. Although I should perhaps also invoke the devilish beasts, as our 2018 BBK Ja! Bilbao Award is going to an internationally renowned Bilbao native, Álex de la Iglesia, the director of ‘El día de la bestia’ (The Day of the Beast) and so many films guided by a splendid and very personal sense of humour. I only have a few lines to comment on this year´s program, so I will summarise. Three prestigious international writers: Mircea Cărtărescu, Jeanette Winterson and David Foenkinos. Three important conversations with delight: ‘Humour in philosophy’, ‘Humour in history’ (with none other than Carmen Iglesias) and ‘Humour in Horror’. Soledad Puértolas, who we have long wanted to come. Two brilliant comics: Javier Cansado and Silvia Abril. Pablo Berger will offer a breakdown of his ten favourite comedy scenes with me. The caustic comic artist Mamen Moreu is bringing her exhibition ‘Women in cartoons’. We are really happy to once again be running the Graphic Humour School Competition, this time on the subject of equality. The hilarious stand-up of Barry Manley, an Irishman who is a euskaldunberri (new speaker of Basque). A new addition: the popular program by SER Radio, ‘A vivir’, which will be produced during the festival and with an audience in the Sala BBK. And the memory of a great artist that we loved. The unforgettable Forges.

Good health, equality and the pleasant Ja!

Juan Bas
Festival Director

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