Exhibitions 2018

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Comics and illustrations by Mamen Moreu (2012-2018)

27 September - 6 October


11 a 20h.

MUJERES EN VIÑETAS Cómics e ilustraciones de Mamen Moreu (2012-2018)

The pages, cartoons and illustrations selected for this exhibition star all kinds of women, strong women, clumsy women, smart women, who do not know what to do with their lives. For example, it recounts the adventures and misfortunes of Marcela, with whom I began to become known in the world of comics. They also feature lots of other projects such as the pages of Dolores y Lolo that I draw each week for El Jueves (With scripts by Iván Batty), pages from my latest work, Desastre (Disaster) (Astiberri 2018), collaborations on collective albums and current less well-known projects that I want you to see.

I have been working digitally for two years, but my creative process always begins with analogue drawing, I don´t start drawing something on the tablet without having sketched it before. During the creation of a comic, ideas explode in my head like popcorn, when I least expect it, and I note them down on napkins, pieces of paper or receipts from the supermarket. There are pencil and pen sketches in mountains of sheets of paper amassed around the entire house. There are pages that never saw the light of day and overflowing bins, no matter whether it is the one under the drawing desk or the bin on the Windows desktop.
During the creation of a comic, the life of a cartoonist becomes a constant case of Diogenes syndrome with drawings. (And you also stop having a social life, but that´s another story…)

Thus, except for Resaca, where I have kept the pencil originals, you will be unable to see them for the other pages. But, I am sharing all the sketches preceding the final creation with you, and often they say much more than a finished page.

With this selection of works I wish to especially show you my works as a comic author, the way that I best express myself, my therapy, my passion, what has made me the person I am today.

I hope that you enjoy them.


27 septiembre - 7 octubre


To mark the fourth edition of the Graphic Humour School Competition, it will be possible to see a selection of the best work submitted to the competition at the Mercado de la Ribera in Bilbao.

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