2017 Exhibitions

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September 27th - October 22nd


11 to 20h.

In collaboration with the Gloria Fuertes Foundation, the Fernán Gómez theatre and the City Council of Madrid , the backers of this exhibition, the festival is bringing this exhibition to the Edificio Ensanche in Bilbao, commemorating the centenary of the birth of the popular writer. An extensive selection of photographs, poems, documents and personal objects form a journey through the life and work of the Madrid author, an essential figure in Spanish poetry of the post-war, although the general public associate her above all with her literary production for children.

Gloria Fuertes, poet. A children´s poet yes, but also and above all, a women who was ahead of her time, a feminist, pacifist, protesting, surrealist, poetess, always on the side of the disadvantaged, a social poet par excellence whose legacy cannot be understood without humour.



September 27th - October 7th


11 to 14 and 16:30 to 21h.

Every time he discovered some new eccentricity in his country, my great friend from the States Josh Ewing, rarely astonished, most often amused and sometimes dismayed, would exclaim,

Only in America!

He meant that it was only in America where one could see such things! For better or for worse. And it’s true that this country of pioneers and explorers has always experimented, discovered, gone to extremes in a frenetic and sometimes naïve quest for happiness: always in pursuit of “the American dream”.

Ja Ja! Dendak

September 25th - October 7th

An exhibition organised in collaboration with Bilbao Dendak that will present the characters of their new campaign, aimed at dynamising the trade of their associated shops through the use of humour.

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