2016 Exhibitions

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MAX. Panóptica 1973-2016

September 28th - October 23th


11 to 20h.

Since his beginnings in the libertarian and underground Barcelona scene of the 70s, that led to the founding of the legendary magazine, El Víbora, up until the contemporary feeling of his most recent work, Max has explored the language of the comic strip and its possibilities in lots of directions, on both a formal and thematic level. In possession of an unmistakeable style, he always says that style does not come from the way of drawing, but rather from a way of looking at the world. This is how, in the new century, Max has fixed his gaze on the inner worlds, and on humour as an essential tool for exploring the tension that is established between these worlds and the outside world: society and its conflicts. These are subjects that we can all identify with and that Max, with his maturity, manages to convey with a powerful visual and symbolic resonance. Max has never forgotten about where comics come from: myth, orality, the stories that humans tell each other around the fire in order to try and understand their place in the universe.

“Panóptica 197-2016” is the exhibition of a cartoonist and a comics artist. It is an extensive and illuminating display of his obsessions and artistic and literary benchmarks, that help us to understand the role of cartoon narratives within the context of a social crisis that also questions the value of artistic creativity as a transformative tool.

Marta Sierra, curator of the exhibition


September 29th - October 8th


11 to 14 and 16:30 to 21h.

René Maltête (1930-2000) considered himself to be more of a comic than a photographer. He argued that “nothing is more necessary than humour” and he believed that it is “one of the clearest manifestations of intelligence, honesty and mental health”. Humour is always present in the unusual daily scenes depicted in his photographs.

Fun, tender, poetic and elegant, many of the photographs were published in media all over the world, and also became popular through their appearance on different postcards. The festival is offering the chance to see a selection of his best comical images.

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